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FITE is the first private equity fund focusing on turn around opportunities in the Israeli economy

First Israeli Turnaround Investors (FITE) is an active turn-around investment fund seeking to create substantial returns through the acquisition of controlling interests in mature Israeli companies that can be improved through better management, restructured debt and improved business practices created by the active involvement and support of the fund in its investments targets.

FITE focuses on turn-around investment opportunities. Using its substantial available capital and through close active involvement in its portfolio companies FITE seeks to create capital appreciation.

  • FITE focuses on large companies with revenues > $40M
  • FITE seeks to purchase substantial or controlling interests in target companies
  • FITE focuses on mature companies (not start-ups) that can be improved through better management
  • FITE with the management team will form, implement and execute a turnaround plan
  • FITE will seek to make highly profitable exits through strategic acquirers and financial institutions

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Investment Committee: Ishay Davidi, Ron Zuckerman, Roy Machnes, Dr. Amnon Goldschmidt (Israel Discount Bank), Robert Joyal (US investors representative) and Avraham Bigger (LP, independent member).


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